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Last active: 2017-12-05, 01:11   Game plays: 128   Game ratings: 127   Game comments: 219
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Being One Silent Hill Room 304 Ghostescape Ghostescape 2 The Cabin Undead End 2 Being One: Episode 4 Being One: Episode 5 - The Infection 4 walls Slender Man 2D: Sanatorium Kill Slender 2D Memento Slender Bones Of Children 2 Lodge Massacre The Insanity 2 Deep Sleep Reddye 1000 Kills Deeper Sleep Death Embrace Escape 2 Don't Escape Lodge Massacre 2 Evil Doll Slender Mystery Forest The Last Door - Chapter 3 Killer Escape Escape The House Of Fear Slender Winter Edition Killer Escape 3 The Deepest Sleep Curse Village Defense Don't Escape 2 - The Outbreak Death Embrace 3 Hotel 626 - The best horror game you're never going to play Afraid Of Dark Slender The Arrival Cold Grip - RPG Survival Horror Room Escape 2 - Abandoned Hospital Morbid - Point And Click Zombie Killer Seasons - Rusty Lake Cube Escape Puzzles Case 23 - Point And Click by Rusty Lake Amea - Post-apocalyptic Adventure Forgotten Hill - Spiders Attack Point And Click Alice is Dead - Part 2 - Point and click horror game Cube Escape: Birthday The Hood Episode 2 - Demonic Metal Ship Monster Basement - Point And Click Escape The Hood Episode 4 - Memories Aberration Inside - Unity-based point and click adventure Cube Escape Theatre - The scariest theatre you've been to Red Oz Part 1 - The Witch Hunt Begins Being One - Episode 2 - Point and click Bloodbath by Psionic Being One - Episode 3 - Dark Matter Mad Father - Indie Horror RPG Kogama Slender - 3D Slender Wants Your Soul Dead Frontier 2 - Night 2 After The Zombie Outbreak A Box Full Of Joy - Surreal Pixel-art Horror Adventure Ask The Spirits 2 - Don't Mess With The Dead Five Nights At Freddy's: Sister Location House Pixel Art Horror Game Monster Basement 2 - Yellow Guy With Axe Free Ice Cream - Creeepy Dude With Axe Slendrina Must Die - The Cellar Forgotten Hill Surgery - Run Away Desolation - Stages Of Anxiety Desolation 2 - The Bunker of Fear Dream Eater - Pixelated Mystery Slender Run - Only A Runner Dreamgate Escape - Trip To Reality Bootham Nekra Psaria 1 - Bizzare PnC Game Midnight - Haunted by the sins Clown Nights - FNAF Game Forgotten Hill Memento: Run Run Little Horse HF Memento - Love Beyond Inculcation - PnC Horror Escape Being Her Darkest Friend - Pixel Art Horror Welcome To The Freak Show Secret Of The Necromancer - PnC Scary Adventure Forgotten Hill: Buried Things Geist - Escape the death game Ceasing To Be Her Demise - PixelArt Horror Adventure
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nnnuuuuuuu, im stuck when i click on the new canvas's, they wont go aawwaayyy, ggaahhhh haha
finally a new game, ive been dieing to play!!
i kept dieing an i dont know how to beat dis....
but i wike the game!
loves these kinda games
the code though, uugghhhh
i know ittt, it just wont lemme iinnnn
just replayed this an i just remembered why i liked this but also hated it

but its stilla good game
the code is random so dont try looking up the code, i just figured that out...meehhhh


there's more??

i wanna see what happens haha

i love this lol
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