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Last active: 2017-11-26, 06:22   Game plays: 86   Game ratings: 86   Game comments: 133
Mike_Schmidt_FNAF's favourite games
Being One Silent Hill Room 304 Ghostescape Killer Escape 2: The Surgery Darker Ride Escape The Horror House Real Horror Stories Being One: Episode 5 - The Infection Shadow Tag 4 walls Unholy Flesh Cellar Door Slender Man 2D: Sanatorium Purgatorium Memento Lonely Asylum Slender Bones Of Children 2 Midnight Man 3D Deep Sleep The Last Door - Prologue Death Embrace Escape 2 Undead Isle Don't Escape Five Nights At Freddy's 2 - Online Version Hide And Seek The Grudge Evil Doll The Last Door - Chapter 3 Exmortis 2 Dark Deception Sinthai Helloween Killer Escape Black Rose Escape The House Of Fear Slender Winter Edition Ib - Art Gallery RPG Horror Game Killer Escape 3 Slenderman Must Die The Mine The Deepest Sleep Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space Dead Lab Minotaur Maze SCP - Containment Breach Don't Escape 2 - The Outbreak Stairs - Demo Antumbra Haunt - The Real Slender Game Unrested Souls The Crooked Man Scare Dare - Abandoned House Escape It Moves Don't Escape 3 Afraid Of Dark Five Nights At Freddy's 1 - Online Remake Slender The Arrival Five Nights At Freddy's 4 - Online Scratch Cold Grip - RPG Survival The Night That Speaks - Flipping Off Death Morbid - Point And Click Zombie Killer Mental Hospital - Eastern Bloc Creepy Inspection Seasons - Rusty Lake Cube Escape Puzzles Case 23 - Point And Click by Rusty Lake Alice Is Dead Part 3 - Wanderland Horror Amea - Post-apocalyptic Adventure Alice Is Dead - Horror Flash Game By Hyptosis - Part 1 Alice is Dead - Part 2 - Point and click horror game Cube Escape: Birthday The Intruder - Point And Click Multichoice Thriller The Hood - Episode 1: Horror Fantasy Nox Timore - Slendytubbie Stare The Hood Episode 4 - Memories Atrocitys 2: The Revenge - Cold Murder Case Red Oz Part 1 - The Witch Hunt Begins Being One - Episode 2 - Point and click Bloodbath by Psionic Slender Woods - Puzzle Solver Game With Slendy Behind Your Back Forgotten Hill Puppeteer - Weird Mystery Case To Investigate Kogama Slender - 3D Slender Wants Your Soul Five Nights At Candy's Online 1 - FNAC Horror At Burgeria Never Look Back - Pixel Art Horror Escape Kickstarter Demo Monster Basement 2 - Yellow Guy With Axe Haunted Hospital - Kogama 3D Multiplayer Game A Box Full Of Joy - Surreal Pixel-art Horror Adventure Ask The Spirits 2 - Don't Mess With The Dead The Last Stand 2 - The Shooting Continues Exmortis Part 1 - Good Fun-Scare Toybox - Creepy Puzzles Bunny Man - Lost Souls And Bunch Of Ghosts House Pixel Art Horror Game Free Ice Cream - Creeepy Dude With Axe Five Nights At The HQ - Nightguard Vs Robots Geist - Escape the death game Ceasing To Be Her Demise - PixelArt Horror Adventure
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Mike_Schmidt_FNAF's latest comments
I cant figure this out. whyyy
*squeaks the rubber ducky* YAAAASSS
I love how cute, comical and creepy this game is!
hmm... 7/10
and here I am months later playing this again
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