The Rings 2017 Is Coming Out In February
Posted by: dark , 2017-02-02, 13:41 - 1 comments

If you played our game The Grudge, which is made after the movie, than you probably also know about the american version movie The Ring. You know, little girl named Samara, long black hair, coming out of TV box. This movie is getting a brand new sequel this February, so I if you have time you should definitely watch it. 

Paramount Pictures film studio have put online several trailer, where the first one is particularly interesting, showing how Samara put an entire plane in danger. The other one called 'watch me' is a classic. 

In the end I couldn't help looking for The Ring pranks on youtube, so this one came up as one of the best :) And remember the slogan, "First you watch it, than you die!"

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