Pathologic - Russian Horror Remake
Posted by: dark , 2017-03-22, 06:50 - 1 comments

The Marble Nest is the upcoming psychological horror game, the continuation of Pathologic, game about fighting plague, made by Russian developers.

I rarely suggest new games for PC, XBOX PS4 and whatnot, simply because I am all into online gaming, so I don't do that, unless! - the game is really really good. And after only having a quick preview of Pathologic's trailer, I think this game has so much to offer, from the perspective of twisted dark horrror of course. Tall black human-shaped doll-like creatures wearing white masks, half-naked lady dancing in the graveyard apparently not being from this world, dark rustical tone of mysery. Put the label 'made in Russia' onto that, and I wanna hear more. 

Let's have a look:

The game is called 'The Marble Nest' and is a remake of Pathologic 2005 psychological horror . The enemy you were fighting here is plague, so I guess white masks those black creatures are wearing must have been inspired by masks plague doctors used to wear in middle ages (except for the big noses). I am referringhere to Bubonic plague, or "Black Death".

You can grab your free demo copy only over Steam right here: the Marble Nest demo download

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